JEE-O fatline showers

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JEE-O fatline

Freestanding showers with rain shower head is available in matt or polished stainless steel. Its robust look draws attention also in the interior.

All showers are complemented by modern, stylish wash basins or bathtubs.


JEE-O fatline 01 - freestanding shower with rain shower head

JEE-O fatline 02 - freestanding shower with rain shower head and hand shower

JEE-O fatline 02TH - freestanding shower with rain shower head, hand shower and thermostatic mixer

JEE-O fatline 04 - freestanding shower mixer with rain shower head and the squared angled top

JEE-O fatline shower push- freestanding shower with eco stop button


365 all weather frost free system can be installed for showers fatline 01, fatline 04 and fatline push.