Is it possible to place the JEE-O shower outside?

JEE-O showers are applicable inside and outside. Please note the shower is not frost-resistant. For use of the shower during winter time, we recommend the option 365 All Weather Frost Free. This means your outdoor shower can be used in comfort all year round, and is guaranteed to be frost-free at temperatures as low as minus 30°C. This option is only available for version without hand shower.

365 all weather frost free, if not in use in winter, you will need to switch of the water, empty the pipes. And demount the shower and store at a dry place (garage/cellar). This is easy to do: unscrew the 3 screws in the floor and disconnect the 2 water pipes. Important: seal the water pipe, so that no dirt will get inside. Flush with water before reconnecting the shower in spring. Sand in the pipe will damage the ceramic cartridge. Or, if you can 100% assure that no water is in the cartridge or shower, you can even leave the shower outside during the winter. For that, you need to switch off the water, open the cartridge, let all water out and blow air through the pipes with a small compressor, till all water totally gone.

We will not take any guarantee for frost damages! If you forgot to demount the shower, and you got a frost damage of the cartridge, we sell spare parts for repair.



Is draining of the JEE-O shower before winter time enough?

No that is not enough. The JEE-O shower can be used outdoors but is not frost-resistant. If you want to be able to use the JEE-O shower throughout the year, you will have to take precautions to prevent it from freezing up. We recommend disassembling if you do not use it during winter time and store your shower frost-free.



Is it possible to install the JEE-O shower on cold water only?

Yes, but you will have cold water only. In that case, we recommend to divert the cold water pipe with an “Y” connector, so that both pipes of the shower (hot/cold) are connected with the cold water.



Is it possible to shorten the JEE-O shower?

Yes, this is possible, with the exception of the JEE-O soho shower. All shower models with handshower can only be shortened at the lower part of the shower pole. All models without handshower can be shortened both at the lower part and the upper part.

Please, contact us if you need shorten your JEE-O shower.


Is the shower stable?

If properly mounted on a fixed floor, the movement of the shower column is minimal. Please assure a stable ground (a wooden terrace floor will make the shower move).

For 100% fixation, you might also add a wall fixing bracket, but this is usually not needed.



Do you have a version with solar heating?

No. JEE-O showers are designed for all-year purpose, independent from sun and outside temperature. All JEE-O showers are connected to the fresh water system of the house – to hot and cold water.

They are not designed for “hobby” usage (casual shower in the garden during summer time), but for long-term use, even in winter, at night.

Positive side effect: no disinfection needed for Legionella or other germs which might cause troubles in external water tanks that are heated by sunlight. 


Where I can see or buy JEE-O shower?

We have many partners in various countries. Please, contact us.



 Do I need to clean/maintain the shower?

We recommend to regularly maintain the shower after installation with JEE-O protect stainless steel cleaner. Light damages like scratches can be removed with a polisher for stainless steel. Please pay attention by brushing; always brush in the grate direction of the freestanding shower. This is not important for a polished version of the shower.



How should the JEE-O shower head be cleaned?

The showerhead needs to be cleaned as follows: – place the showerhead in acid detergent for 24 hours (no longer, no shorter) – rinse the showerhead with hot water – rinse the showerhead with cold water – dry the showerhead – maintain with JEE-O protect stainless steel cleaner.



 What to do if the JEE-O shower fluctuates with warm water and doesn’t get hot enough?

Probable the hot and cold flexible hoses are not connected properly.


 What to do if barely water comes out of the shower and the ray sprays in several directions?

It is important to decalcify the showerhead frequently with acid detergent, herewith you can prevent this problem.


 What to do if the JEE-O shower cannot be properly closed on both the head and hand shower?

Most probably the diverter is broken and should be replaced.


 What to do if the JEE-O shower is drippling after using the shower?

Please check if the showerhead of the model JEE-O fatline is placed horizontal.



 What is the warranty for JEE-O showers?

JEE-O showers come with a normal warranty of 2 years. This warranty is only valid for product mistakes … broken cartridges (due to dirt in the pipe) or frost damages are not part of the warranty. Contact us, if you need some advice/service.