JEE-O 365 all weather frost free


Enjoy the garden shower also in winter

365 all weather frost free  system allows you to use the JEE-O garden shower all year round. A hot shower after a relaxing bath in the outdoor swimming pool or sauna is sure to come in handy. So you can enjoy your own wellness center on the roof terrace or garden all 365 days a year.

The shower is electrically heated when the temperature drops below 3°C (just like the back window of a car). This assures all-year round functionality, up to -30°C.

365 system is available for following series

  • JEE-O original 01 and 04
  • JEE-O fatline 01, 02 TH and 04
  • JEE-O Soho 01

Showers are indicated with symbol: